The Rhinose

The Rhinose is a stylised plastic rhino horn made in South Africa from recycled (and recyclable) polypropylene, which is the same material ice cream cartons are made from. It is 18 cm long and 15 cm wide with four attachment points enabling it to be fixed securely to the grille of a car with cable ties. Currently, Rhinoses are available in red and green.

Where To Buy

Rhinoses are currently available at over 200 CNA stores countrywide at R30 each.

Bulk orders for boxes of 100 Rhinoses each can be purchased online directly from the Rhinose Foundation via of EFT/bank transfer, with a delivery charge of R100 per box anywhere within South Africa.

Please contact to place your bulk order (minimum 100 Rhinoses in sealed boxes of 100 units each), and we will respond with our banking details and an invoice number as reference for your deposit. Once we have received confirmation of payment, we will dispatch your order with a delivery time of about a week, subject to Rhinose demand and supply.


The Rhinose 18 cm in length and it is legal to attach the Rhinose to the front of a vehicle in South Africa:

Regulations 227 and 228 in terms of Section 25 of the National Road Traffic Act No. 93 of 1996, as set down by the South African Department of Transport allow for a protrusion up to 30 cm beyond the front end of a motor vehicle, and up to 60 cm to the front of the axle centre of the front wheel of a motor cycle or quad bike. When attaching a Rhinose to a motorcycle, please note that Regulation 157 states that it is illegal to obscure the headlamp, which must lighted at all times when driving.


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